Buckles Feed Depot & Pet Supply Reviews

      rated 4.8/5 from 8 Customers!

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I love this place! Great customer service, very informative staff, and super helpful. Came in looking for a new food for my 2 dogs. They are some of the...

Dan H.


Walking into this kind of dingy and scuffed up store, I wasn't expecting to find anything good. However, Buckles has a huge selection of the best and highest quality dog foods on the market. While the cat food and litter choices aren't as large or high quality, it's still worth ....

Katja V.


I liked this place. I was looking for a Hamster and they had a good selection of live animals. The facility is a little old, but they keep everything clean and well stocked. Their selection of cages and shelf items is not as good as Petsmart..

Tyler P.


The selection is great. I found a comfortable harness for my dog that I couldn't find at the pet chains or boutiques. It also has a self-serve dog wash station. I will be back!.

Julie T.


I love Buckles... And not just because of the elegant story kitty.. =)Buckles is what pet stores in my formative years used to be like. Bird seed, small animals, lots of food/feed options, bedding, leashes. Everything you need to care for your small/medium size animals.If we've had ....

Lizz C.