Dog & Cat

Dog and Cat Quick Nutrition Facts

  1. Dogs omnivores and Cats are carnivores but both should be fed a diet that contains mostly named (chicken, beef, turkey, etc.) meat and meat meals.  Meat meals are the meat with the water cooked out of them.
  2. Try to avoid dog and cat foods that contain By-product meals.  By-products are what is left after the good parts have been taken.
  3. Many dogs and cats are walking around dehydrated.  Please keep fresh water available at all times.  Canned food or frozen raw diets can be a great way to add moisture to a pet’s diet.
  4. Grains are put into pet foods to lower the price.  Many dogs and cats develop food allergies to these grains.  Pets usually aren’t allergic to grains, but the way grains are stored.  Mold spores can grow on binned food, and this is usually what causes allergies.  Grain-free foods are available and recommended.
  5. Dogs sometimes develop ear infections and lick their paws a lot. Both can result from excess yeast in their systems.  Yeast growth can be increased by the amount of sugars a dog consumes.  By eliminating grains in your pet’s food you can lower the sugar that they consume.
  6. If your dog or cat develops a food allergy you may need to turn to a Limited Ingredient Diets.  These diets usually contain a single source protein and only one or two carbohydrates.  This enables the pet owner to narrow down the possibilities of the allergy.
  7. Buckles Feed Depot carries a wide variety of quality pet foods.  We carry many Grain-Free choices, several Limited Ingredient Diets, and diets that are Low Glycemic for diabetic pets, and pets that are prone to ear infections.


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